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Veni vents

Marriage for All

Marriage for All
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If you are looking for links to my fic, please either email me at venivincere at hotmail dot com, or go to ao3.org and look for my username.

Fifty-something single mother slowly addicting myself to more than one fandom. Currently into Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis, Hana-Kimi, Ouran High School Host Club, Merlin, Teen Wolf, and Marvel Universe.

I flock. If you are interested in being friended, please drop me an email with the following three things: first, an age statement stating that you are 18 or older, or equal to or above the age of majority if you reside in those places where the age of majority is over 18 years of age; second, a statement that you do not find slash fanfiction morally offensive; third, how you heard of me. If you meet the age requirements, are not offended by slash fanfiction, and your provenance is acceptable, I'll add you right away.

It's cold here. Except when it's summer, then it's hot.

The WeatherPixie

Team Romance wins the Gold, but everyone wins the Snarry.